fully fitted modern kitchen with decorative elements
The new trends for your new kitchen add more functionality and efficiency to a stylish kitchen that uses smooth neutral hues with pops of color to draw your attention to certain aspects of the room. New cabinet designs work for convenience mixed with functionality to maximize storage space while reducing hazards in the kitchen space.
Grey is becoming a more prominent color in new kitchens, replacing white in the modern designs. Combining a soft grey with richly stained wood creates a warm contrast that is trendy and looks beautiful. Grey is also less likely to show marks and stains than white. Trendy backsplashes are contrasting, mixing dark tiles with light ones, creating a dramatic look in the room while balancing the light. Laminate countertops are becoming more popular, allowing you to get the look of granite, marble or stone without the cost or reinforcements due to weight. Wooden countertops are also becoming more popular. Sinks are changing in trends as well. Apron-style sinks are becoming more popular, and sinks are being sold in more colors.
Overhead cabinets are getting an upgrade. New to the market are hydraulic fold-up cabinets that open with the touch of a button. The doors of the cabinets move upward and fold, keeping them out of the way. Cabinets that are under the countertop are moving toward deep pull-out drawers and multi-level sliding trays to maximize storage space and organization. Kitchen tech is becoming more user-friendly. Sensor-activated lights are becoming more common in kitchens, so you don’t have to worry about turning the lights off when you leave the room. No-touch faucets are a fast-growing trend in modern kitchens. Many homeowners are making the switch to commercial grade appliances. While this uses up more energy, commercial stoves, ovens, and refrigerators are great for big families or social gatherings where a lot of food needs to be prepared.
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