Going green in the kitchen is more that eating more salad. Eco-friendly design trends are a great way to improve your kitchen, in more ways than one. There are more options than ever when it comes to color and style for “green” kitchen renovation. From low-energy using appliances, to cleaner paints; you can make the most of your kitchen space and improve the value of your home. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), for the average American home, indoor pollutants can be 10 or more times the levels outside. Stoves that use a lot of gas, or paints with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can add to those levels.
    After your heating and air conditioning, the biggest energy guzzler in a home is the refrigerator. EPA Energy Star approved appliances are certified to use 10 to 50% less energy/water than what a standard model would. This can lower utility bills and lower your environmental footprint. Most energy-efficient models will cost more, but will save you money in the long run. 
    Many paints and wood-treatments are full of Volatile Organic Compounds. Long-term exposure to these can lead to a variety of health issues, from asthma or irritation, to certain cancers. Switching to paints, stains, and treatments that are VOC-free can improve the air quality in your home. 
    Wood always looks nice in a kitchen, but it can take an average of 60 years to regrow a tree for the lumber. An option to keep the same hardwood style, while making less of an environmental impact, is bamboo. Bamboo looks beautiful and can be a more sustainable alternative to standard wood options. While technically a grass, bamboo can be regrown in about 6 years. An alternative for countertops, cabinets, or even flooring; bamboo is a great material that is available in a variety of shades and colors. Compared to traditional hardwood, bamboo is more water resistant and requires less maintenance.  
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