Many homeowners decide to design their kitchens for aging in place. This design choice is a way to prepare your kitchen for the long haul; making sure that your kitchen can be wheelchair accessible, safer to use, well-lit, and more. The important thing to remember about this design choice is that it is meant to work for people of all ages and accessabilities, but it ultimately makes it easier to work with as you age. Having a kitchen designed to age in place can also raise the property value. A kitchen that is handicap accessible can make it usable by everyone.

Wheelchair Accessibility

    You can never be too sure if you will ever need a wheelchair. Even just for a temporary use, being able to get a wheelchair into the kitchen is important. Avoid creating narrow spaces, by leaving at least 42-48 inches open in each area, where possible. This will make the room feel more spacious as well. Prolonged standing in the kitchen can be tiring no matter what, so consider putting in an area of countertops with an open space below. This can work as a kitchen desk area for now, but a wheelchair can be pulled up in the future. 

Reduce Bending

    Cabinet drawers and organizers can help reduce the need to bend or stretch to reach things deep inside them. Moving electrical outlets closer within arms reach. For the sink, consider hands-free options for easy access. Additionally, pull-out sprayers can also be helpful. 

Reduce Falls

    Linoleum and vinyl floors are among the most slip-resistant flooring options. They are also softer than tile or stone, so they are easier to stand on for longer. It is less likely for plates to break if they fall on a vinyl or linoleum floor than tile. Smoother and bevelled edges on countertops can reduce the risk of injury during a fall. 

See More

    Glass cabinet doors allow you to see what is inside, before you open it up. This reduces the effort you need to use to get whatever you need. Lighting inside cabinets can illuminate the space so you can see better. Lights built into the underside of cabinets can increase overall lighting and brighten your workspace to reduce injury risks. 

Easy-Use Appliances

    When choosing appliances, look for models with larger displays and controls near the front. This will make them easier to read, and reach. Drawer-style dishwashers are easier to load and operate than the traditional models. 

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