Many Staten Islanders are designing bathrooms for their kids. This frees up the adult bathroom and allows you to keep a formal bathroom for guests and adults. When creating a children’s bathroom keep in mind, young children prefer a colorful, playful environment can help their development and learning. Small kids generally like primary or bright colors, whereas teens prefer neutrals and pastel hues. Colorful backdrops can make a child’s bathroom more playful and fun. Consider painting cabinets and shelves while leaving the sink, tub, and toilet in more neutral colors. It is generally easier to spot grime on a white or bone colored surface than a colored one. Avoid using wall stickers. The humidity from a bathroom can make them peel off easily. Teens don’t need much in the way of design. A few colorful accents, such as towels, a painting, or a plant in a neutral room can be enough.

The materials you use around the bathroom should be durable and easy to clean; especially in areas that are likely to get wet. Ceramic tile or beadboard paneling are good choices for durable walls. Ceramic floor tiles are good for withstanding water and are generally durable enough to deal with a child’s mess in a bathroom.

While essential for any bathroom, lighting is key to designing a child’s bathroom. Natural light can go a long way in a room with bright colors, and a few wall sconces and task lighting can take care of the room at night.

For young children, you may want to consider getting small fixtures in the bathroom. While you may have to change them later on, a child-sized toilet can save you on water use due to it having a smaller tank, while giving them an appropriate sized fixture. Lower toilets are easier for small children to get onto and stay seated on.

Organization in a child’s bathroom can help them learn to be organized. Open shelving, toiletry baskets, and ledges for bath toys will give a child a place for everything in the room. Help them learn where everything should go, and they can develop more of an organized way of putting things in the right place.

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