old fashioned bathtub    Most bathrooms today are done in modern style, but a master bathroom is your private getaway. Vintage or Classical style bathrooms are a great way to get creative with designs, use antique vanities and create a warm atmosphere just for you. 
    Natural wood finds a place in almost any bathroom design, but is highlighted in a classical bathroom design. The warm wood look ties the bathroom together. Darker woods can create a depth in the room that is not often found within the white tiled look of a modern bathroom. 
    Antique vanities and old fashioned clawfoot tubs are often found in a classical bathroom design. Try looking for design styles away from the standard geometric shapes of modern design, and more towards elegant gothic arches and artful floral patterns.
    In larger bathrooms, area rugs can tie the room together, and keep feet off of the cold tile. Darker, more elaborately designed patterns on the rug can add to the Classic look. Stained glass windows offer privacy, beauty, and color, while still letting natural light in.
    Basin sinks are commonly found in a classic bathroom. These sinks are often highlighted with matte bronze or pewter fixtures that do not draw attention away from the vanity as a whole. 
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