If your children have a bathroom to call their own, you might as well design it with them in mind. Kids will need more out of their bathroom space as they grow up, so it is important to not only design for now, but to plan for the future.
    Younger children need little more than a place to store their toothbrush and comb when it comes to the vanity, but that changes as they age. Shaving kits, deodorants, makeup, acne scrubs and more can litter the countertop of a teen’s bathroom. Plan ahead with ample storage space in the vanity. A medicine cabinet mirror, or a counter with a good number of drawers is a good start. If the bathroom is shared, consider using a double sink vanity. It is great for mornings before school. 
    Younger children prefer more basic and in most cases lighter colors. As they age, color preferences usually stay close to the same colors, but advance into deeper hues and more specific shades. Decor is easy to change, but changing the overall color of the room could be a full renovation. Semi-gloss paint is better for areas like the bathroom, where water and humidity may be commonplace.
    For a young child’s decor, simple is better. There are plenty of animal-based bathroom decor for kids that offer a cute design style in their younger years. In the teens, a more adult and formal style is favored. Plants brighten up a room and can add contrast to rooms that need earthy tones to make the space more relaxing. Plants like Bamboo and Aloe Vera are great for a your teen’s bathroom. Aloe Vera is almost impossible to kill, and the humidity from a daily shower in some cases can be all the water it needs. In addition, it’s gel is useful for a number of basic first aid needs as a topical salve. Bamboo can need to be watered on occasion, and might need to be pruned every so often; but it can last well in a bathroom, even with limited care. 
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