Master bath with glass shower    Various elements go into adding extra comfort in a master bathroom, whether it’s a retreat from the kids or a private spa for after work. In the end, it comes down to the little things that make your master bathroom yours. Take a look at these 10 different additions you can make to your master bathroom. 

  1. Sliding doors into a bathroom remove the space taken up by the door. For the entrance from the master bedroom, you probably don't need a locking mechanism. It is convenient, and adds the hotel design of the master bath connected to the master bedroom. The sliding door keeps the air of privacy when needed.
  2. Warm your feet, as well as the room, with radiant floor heating. Vents may clash with your design scheme, and tile usually feels cold. Radiant floor heating solves both of these problems at the same time.
  3. Use multiple light fixtures. In addition to natural light from windows, accent and task lights add depth and dimension to the lighting in a bathroom. Accent and task can highlight specific areas of the bathroom, such as the vanity or bathtub.
  4. Higher backsplashes in a bathroom add a more lavish feel to the space while keeping a more uniform design style. ending the backsplash at the tops of windows, mirrors, and shelves can make a clean, uniform line horizontally for you to tie in the design.
  5. Get creative with mirrors. Replace glass doors on cabinets with mirrors, or create a french-style door, while still maintaining privacy. The mirrors will create an illusion that makes the room seem bigger.
  6. Multiple shower fixtures allow for a stylish add-on that combines functionality with opulence. An overhead fixture combined with a handheld spray can make the morning routine more enjoyable.
  7. Highlight the shower space with different, but similar, tile work. A different hue in the shower can define the space  while also adding a different touch of color where it may not be expected.
  8. Divide the spaces. Half walls can add more privacy for the toilet. Utilize the extra space of a half wall with additional shelving or artful decor. 
  9. Free-standing vanities add a more antique design, while still providing functionality and storage space. Hand-painted vanities add a more classical feel to the space.

Accenting with color adds subtle changes that can draw your eyes to that part of the room, adding a flowering plant such as an orchid to the vanity of a neutral bathroom breaks up the colors in a way that attracts your eyes.
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