Ideally, we like to think of our showers and baths as a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy a calming experience. We want our customers to view their bathrooms as a relaxing retreat, especially after a long day of work. Continue reading to learn how to transform your bathroom into your own personal spa-area.  
     Soothing Colors- Lavender, pale gray, cool blue, and light pink are just a few of the top rated soothing colors that have proven to be calming. Paint your walls light, cooling tones and accessorize appliances with white and gold. This will allow your bathroom to be a light, calming room.  

     Natural Granite- Granite in any room can always make the area look more clean and modern. Consider a simple granite shower seat for your next bathroom remodel. 
     Glass Doors- Glass sliding shower and bath doors have the ability to make any bathroom look more chic and serene. They are also extremely easy to clean and maintain. 
     Houseplants- Not only do plants look great in a bathroom, but they can actually make your bathroom feel warmer, too. Plants are a natural way to add color and style to the space.
     Bamboo Rug- Bamboo flooring is not always suitable for a bathroom, as untreated bamboo retains moisture. A bamboo rug gives your bathroom a spa ambiance with an alternative style.

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