A finished basement can be an incredible benefit to a homeowner; and an important step in creating a great basement space is a kitchenette. A basement kitchenette prepares your home for a variety of options, from having a better entertainment space, to potentially turning that basement into an apartment for rent. Overall, a kitchenette in the basement will increase the value of your home. 
    A kitchenette is meant to take up a small space. Typically taking up a wall or a corner of the basement, a basic kitchenette needs very little in terms of space. A bare-bones kitchenette needs only: a refrigerator or mini-fridge with a freezer, stove, sink, and at least 8 to 10 square feet of countertops. Cabinetry is key as well. A microwave can go a long way. Depending on how much you plan on using the space, or if you are planning to rent out the space, an oven can be important. If you don’t need the oven, you can save space and money with an electric cooktop. Of course, a fire alarm is needed as well. Windows are important in any basement space, but especially in a space where open flames are a possibility. 
    Being in the basement, tile flooring is not the best option unless you have radiant floor heating. Laminate flooring is good as it doesn’t get as cold as tile, and has a softer feel to bare feet. The kitchenette should enhance the look of the room, while being separate. A dramatic backsplash can add color and depth to the space. 
    Enhancing the space to be more convenient while taking up less space can be important. Mounting the microwave over the stove can save on counter space and can add a good place for an overhead fan for the cooktop. A wine cooler is a great add on for entertaining and it helps out if you also have a home bar. If you have the space, an island can help you make the most out of your space.
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