Marble and concrete are often seen more in a kitchen than most other rooms; but both are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms this year. With marble, the transition comes from creating a seamless and elegant bathroom space. Designers are moving towards concrete in ways that break the mold from the traditionally utilitarian uses of this material.


If marble is seen in a bathroom, it usually doesn’t go beyond the vanity or the tub. But lately, interior designers are looking to use marble in more ways than just this. Marble can be used across a whole wall or floor in a single piece. It can also be used as the entire walk-in shower. Marble can create beautiful and inspired bathroom spaces that flows together well. Marble is good for resale, and is a great upgrade for if you eventually want to sell the house. Marble, along with quartz, is a durable and strong material that can take a lot of wear and tear when treated right.


Concrete is a material that is often associated with very strong sturdy buildings, and not elegant spaces. However, some interior designers are working to reinvent the use of concrete. Concrete, with its neutral grey color can often be a good way to incorporate earth elements and create a more natural space. By mixing this seemingly brutalist material with more organic elements, you can create a space that is unique, strong, and comforting. Applications of concrete are being used widely in bathroom spaces, such as in sink basins, countertops, floors and walls.


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