Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, but finding the right design style for how you use your kitchen is important. It is good to look at different layouts for your kitchen before remodeling or buying a new home. Open layouts are good for a more social kitchen environment, where as more enclosed styles are good for efficiency. The layout style can also help determine where the sink, stove, and refrigerator will go in your news kitchen. The size of your kitchen area will also help you decide on the best layout for your home. The 5 most common layouts are the one wall, galley, U-shape, G-shape, and L-shape; with G-shape being the most popular one.
    The one wall layout is typically found in smaller homes, but can fit well in a medium sized kitchen. Often found in apartments, a one wall layout takes up very little space, giving you room for a table or island. It may lack in counter space, but this design style is popular in homes with open floor plans or apartments. The compact design style also keeps everything for cooking and cleaning together, so you don’t have to walk back and forth across the whole room. An island or table is a good solution to the reduced counter space while keeping the room open.
    Galley layouts are named after the kitchen style of ships and airplanes. These compact kitchens are the arguably the most efficient style for cooking. Galleys on ships and planes use this style to have small kitchens turn out food for dozens of hungry people, which is why many restaurants work with this layout. For larger homes, a table or island can easily fit between the lines of counters; while in smaller spaces, the dining area will have to go elsewhere. Glass windowed cabinets and reflective surfaces are often used in galley style kitchens to make the space feel more open. 
    The U-shaped kitchen is popular because it allows for a closed space for cooking that is efficient and out of the way. Perfect for a kitchen with only one cook, there isn’t a lot of space for the kids to help out. Wider U-shaped kitchens can fit an island in the center, adding more counter space and making the kitchen more sociable.
    The G-shaped kitchen offers the same qualities as a U-shape, but instead of adding an island to the center of the room, a peninsula is attached to one of the sides of the U. This adds extra counter space, and makes it more social, while keeping enough cooking space . Without the island in the center of the kitchen area, it is easier to move around the cooking space.
    The L-shaped kitchen layout is common due to its openness and functionality. This space is great for social space, while providing more counter space than a simple one wall layout. A table or island adds more work space and a place to eat. 
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