Scandinavian design has been growing more and more popular in recent years for a number of reasons. The interior design style combines inexpensive materials with simple colors and muted textures to create a minimalistic approach to home decor that is both budget-friendly and beautiful. But what exactly makes a kitchen Scandi-style?

Let in the Natural Light

Winters are long and dark in Scandinavian countries, so designers there try to emphasize natural light whenever possible. Maximizing the amount of natural light in a space is the first step of creating a Scandinavian inspired kitchen. Window treatments, such as curtains, are often absent. If they are used, they are usually lightly-colored or sheer.

Muted Colors

White is the best color to have in a home where natural light is welcome. Much of Scandinavian color schemes use a lot of white, with additions of neutral tones and muted hues. When colors are utilized, they are kept soft and understated. This keeps the space bright and uniform, but isn’t bland. Soft, dark blues or greys may act as accent colors.


Wood elements are crucial to Scandinavian style homes. Floors and cabinets are usually wood. As soft colors and neutral tones are key to a Scandi-style space, lighter woods such as beech, ash, and pine are often implemented. Wood elements are often not stained or painted, to show off the natural color of the material.


A Scandinavian Style kitchen keeps things minimalist. Keeping the home free of clutter is important in Scandi-style design. Organized cabinetry is a great way to keep the space decluttered. If open shelving is employed in the space, they are usually used sparingly, to stop the room from looking too cluttered. Simple accents highlight the room. Even the walls are kept decluttered. While art pieces are welcome in a scandi-style room, they are often spaced out, and kept small. Bare walls and blank spaces are common.


Bringing life to the room is also very important to Scandinavian style. Potted plants can be a perfect accent point in a kitchen, and can add a pop of color. Choose plants that thrive with plenty of natural light.

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