Choosing a new refrigerator for your home can be a difficult decision. Things to consider include: size, style, features, brand, price, and look. With size you should think about not only the fridge fitting in your kitchen, but also the amount of food your family eats each week and how much space you will need for it. A typical family of four will have a refrigerator for 18 to 25 cubic feet of food. If your family eats out a lot, a smaller unit might be a good idea. Generally fridges are 68 inches tall and 30 to 36 inches wide. Measure your old unit and available space carefully, as well as doorways, to ensure easy installation. The four types of refrigerators are: top-mount, side-by-side, bottom-mount, and french door. Top-mount fridges are the least expensive and most common option. The freezer is on top of the fridge. It is also typically the refrigerator with the smallest room for food, 18 cubic feet. Side-by-side has the fridge and freezer long-ways, next to each other. The refrigerator generally takes up more space than the freezer. This option, while having a good amount of space, has narrow shelves. Bottom-mount fridges feature a fridge on the bottom that comes out like a drawer. Unfortunately, the drawer freezer means unused food eventually gets buried in the more recent purchases. French door refrigerators are almost exactly the same as a bottom-mount, except the fridge has two doors that open on the front, instead of one. The freezer is still a drawer. Features for a fridge include: ice-makers, water filters, adjustable shelves, spill-proof shelves, soda can dispensers, controls for drawers, and moisture control. There are many brands to consider when dealing with refrigerators, but find the fridge you like the most. However, considering the brand can come with quality you can trust. Make sure the price you find will include all the features you want, the color, shipping, and installment. Contact us for your all your kitchen remodelling needs.