bigstock-A-beautiful-custom-remodeled-k-19605230Cabinets tie the look of your kitchen together. They provide functionality while bringing additional design to the space. Finding the cabinets that suit your kitchen can be a matter of a few different options. These include the color, style, material, size, and hardware. You may also want to consider whether or not you want to redo your older cabinets. 

Size is the first option that needs to be decided. Having more or less space than your previous setup should be considered. You can keep the cabinets with the same storage space if you do not need to alter it. The materials used for cabinets include different woods such as cherry, mahogany, bamboo, or plywood. Plywood is generally used for cabinets with a glazed finish, where the wood type is not prevalent in the way they look. Woods can come natural, lacquered, painted, or stained. Stained cabinets generally cost more than painted ones. European-style frameless cabinets provide more storage than American-style cabinets do. Cabinets should be fitted with soft-close hinges and/or bumpers, to reduce damage.

Consider adding windows into the cabinets. This feature adds function and class to the design of the cabinet door. Light fixtures can be mounted to the bottoms of cabinets for added light to the counters. Adding hardware to your cabinets can provide easy use and more storage space. Spice racks and pull-out pantries can add organization, modernization, and added storage space. Lazy Susans can give you more space in corner cabinets, while providing easy access to the items inside. Pull out trash cans can save space and keep things neat in the kitchen.

Whatever cabinet needs you have, Dream Kitchen and Bath is here to help. Contact us for your next remodel.