bigstock-Closeup-Of-Large-Bathtub-18078545If you’re remodeling and looking to add a new bathtub in your home, Dream Kitchen and Baths has come out with a list of available bathtub types, installation options, and materials to find the perfect tub for your bath and budget.

Types of Bathtubs

·        Standard: This affordable tub is considered the basic model and is often found in an alcove installation. It also pairs as a tub-shower combo and can be bought at any local improvement center.

·        Whirlpool & Air Tubs: A whirlpool, forces water through placed jets, and an air tub pushes a soothing, steady stream of air into the water. With the extra plumbing required, whirlpools tend to be more expensive than air tubs.  

·        Walk In: A walk in tub is a good idea for those with mobility concerns since climbing in and out of a slippery tub can be treacherous.


A new tub can transform your bathroom into a stunning and gorgeous one. If you’re starting from scratch on a brand new bath, choose an installation method that works best with the space you have.

·        Platform: Tubs prepared for platform installation fall into a deck structure typically built into its own enclosure, often adjacent to the shower. This works best with whirlpools and air baths, since space below the deck can hide pumps, plumbing, and hardware, which remain reachable with a detachable panel.

·        Under mount: The major difference between a platform tub and an under mount tub is mostly aesthetics. An under mount’s rim is enclosed with a deck top and usually stone or tile that coordinates with surrounding materials. It usually gets it support underneath, rather than dangling from the deck as a platform does.

Material Options

·        Acrylic: Plastic material that has a high gloss look alike an enameled cast iron but weighs much less. Its easy-to-form nature makes it a flawless option for whirlpools and air tubs. The repairs are much easier than those that must be finished to a porcelain surface.

·        Fiberglass Gelcoat: Referred to as fiberglass-reinforced plastic that creates a glossy, easy to clean surface. It’s also not as expensive as acrylic, however it’s not as durable and can crack if something hits it hard enough.

·        Composite: An engineered material that is coated in enamel. This material offers heat retention of a cast-iron tub at a third of the weight, which makes it a great option for second-story bathrooms.

·        Cast Iron: A tub formed from cast iron at a lighter weight with a porcelain-on-steel tub. Yet, combined with water, structural reinforcement may be necessary.

·        Cultured Marble: This solid-surface material is generated from crushed marble set in resin and then covered with a clear gelcoat. Scratches can be buffed out of this material, but cracks can’t be repaired.

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