1-1246450967k9xk When buying a new stove for your kitchen, there are many things to consider in order to make the remodel or construction cheaper and easier. The 4 main things you have to think about are: color, size, electric or gas, and whether you want a freestanding or built-in stove. Built-in stoves can save space and are securely put into the counter-space. Freestanding stoves can be moved, replaced easier, and are more widely available than built-ins. Replacing a freestanding stove with a built-in can be a hassle. Stoves come in many widths, ranging from 20-inch to 60-inch. It is usually a good idea to go with the previous size when replacing a stove because it prevents additional work with resizing the cabinets. When building a new kitchen, the size should be based on the amount of space in the room. When thinking about using an electric or gas model, a few things should be considered. If you are replacing an older stove, it is generally a good idea to use the same type as the previous one, as to reduce the cost of changing the system used. Gas stoves have a more constant supply of heat for cooking, but electric stoves are easier to install and are more energy efficient. Stoves come in many designs, such as black, white, stainless steel, or different colors. Choose the right look for the stove that goes with the color scheme of the kitchen. For any of your needs on a kitchen remodel contact us.