The kitchen sink not only houses a key function in the cooking process, but it also serves as a way to tie the style of the room together. The mounting options define the look and flow of the space in the kitchen. The mounting options are sink-mounted, deck-mounted, wall-mounted; each one has it’s own set of pros and cons. Choosing a new sink might seem like a daunting task, but the experts at Dream Kitchens and Baths can help.
    A sink-mounted faucet is one that is built into your sink. The faucet must fit the holes in the sink. Otherwise you will need to cut the sink, which could weaken it. This is great if you want to update the kitchen without tearing out the sink in the future. however, your sink may limit the options you have in the design. 
    Deck-mounted faucets are built directly into the countertop. This creates a seamless look and is especially good if you choose an undermount sink design. A deck-mounted faucet is perfect for a contemporary-style kitchen. The biggest issue homeowners have with a deck-mounted model is the buildup of dust and grime behind the faucet, where it is harder to reach and clean.
    A wall-mounted faucet is a more elegant design for a kitchen, with the faucet and handles connected to the backsplash or wall. Pipes for this type of sink need to be insulated more if installed on an outer wall of the home, because of cold winters. Wall studs may inhibit installation.
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