Condominium Breakfast Nook In a modern kitchen, breakfast nooks are popular. Breakfast nooks are often in a corner or built into the wall. Nooks give more space to the kitchen to cook and prep, while also leaving an area to sit and eat.

Like an island, a breakfast nook saves space and provides functionality. Unlike an island, however, it is out of the way, rather than being situated in the center of the room. Benches and chairs are often used in a breakfast nook. Benches allow you to seat more people, and can provide additional storage in them. Benches can be fitted onto the walls of the breakfast nook to give the look and feel of a booth. Windows often play a big role in a nook. Bay windows allow for plenty of light to come in, while the window sill could be big enough to be used for seating or a shelf for decor. Consider keeping the the color and decor of the nook similar (or the same) to the kitchen. This will give a clear, consistent look to both spaces. This can also save you money, because you will not need to spend extra on different paint, flooring, et cetera. You can utilize the space of a breakfast nook even more by adding receded shelf units into the walls.

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