In the past, a common design for full bathrooms would be a tub/shower combination; where you can stand in the tub and send the water to a showerhead instead of the faucet. In more recent years, tubs have separated from showers. A new trend that is becoming prevalent in bathroom design puts the tub inside your shower.
    Modern showers in homes are divided from the rest of the room, and usually take up ample space. Some homeowners and interior designers are choosing to place freestanding or built-in tubs within these larger shower spaces. 
The combination has a lot of benefits. An in-shower tub can often act in place of a shower bench, depending on the design style of the bathtub. For a child’s bathroom, the risk of water all over the floor during bath time becomes a thing of the past. Aesthetically speaking, the design is very stream-lined and has a modern, spa-like feel that many homeowners and potential buyers enjoy today. 
Be sure to check with your licensed contractor to see if this design style is right for your bathroom space. The one issue that some homeowners may face with this trend is waterproofing surrounding the tub. It is important to have your contractor make sure that the area is watertight, and that the drainline and brackets for the tub do not compromise the shower membrane.
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