Bathroom design for the elderly or disabled is all about ease of access and safety. Often called “Universal Design,” the trend of redoing your bathroom or other parts of the house with safety features for the elderly or disabled can be a major benefit. Other than the safety it provides you, universal design bathrooms can raise the value of your home. 
    Grab bars and rails are a great asset to any bathroom. Available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials; these bars are a fantastic safety plus that help you get in and out of the shower with ease. The shower can be slippery. A bar gives you extra insurance against a slip and fall. Grab bars are helpful for standing in the tub, getting off the toilet, and safely getting in and out of the shower. Adding a few bars to your bathroom can go a long way in terms of safety. 
    Ease of access in the shower can be important. Shower seats can be great for reducing falls. Adjustable or hand-held showerheads provide functionality to the space. Curbless showers are a great step towards safety and smooth design. Curbless showers reduce the chance of tripping while getting in or out of them. But from a design perspective, a curbless shower can make the room seem bigger and more spacious. With a curb, that bump in the tile can visually separate the shower from the rest of the room; making the room seem more cramped.
    For sinks, counters, and vanities, these minor details can make a bathroom a lot safer. Avoid sharp edges. Curved or rounded corners can reduce the risk of bruises or injury. Hanging sinks with panels covering the pipes can make it easier to bring a wheelchair under it. 
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