We do many bathroom renovations at Dream Kitchens & Baths. We know what works in a bathroom and what doesn’t. Some design trends actually take away from the peace and spa-like feel of your bathroom. Avoiding these design errors can make your bathroom look and feel more relaxing and beautiful.
    Windows are a must. Natural light makes a room feel spacious, keeps lighting costs lower for the daytime, and provides something to look at. When possible, bathrooms should have a window. Windows in a bathroom should also be able to open, to dry out the dampness from a shower. If a window can’t be placed on the wall, consider installing an operable skylight. A bathroom without windows can feel like a dank, musty dungeon. Without proper air flow in a bathroom, mold and mildew can build up easily. If more privacy is needed, opt for frosted glass.
The toilet should not be the focal point. In fact, if possible the toilet shouldn’t be seen from the door. Use the vanity, counters, or a half wall to divide the space and provide ample privacy. Even with the door shut people want their privacy. Some bathroom designs will create an alcove for the toilet complete with its own door; if the space allows for it. 
Don’t put a curb in the shower if you have a stall door. Shower curbs are the floor lips that keep water in the shower, but a rubber track can do the same without the risk of injury. Shower curbs can cramp the space and make it seem smaller. Curbless showers follow universal design standards and are great for homeowners throughout their entire life, as well as the disabled. It is also safer as there is less space to slip and fall. 
Bigger isn’t always better. The bathroom fixtures in your home should be a size comfortable enough for you and other family members, but without taking up more space than it needs to. Tankless toilets can easily reduce the space taken up by fixtures in the bathroom.
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