3D rendering of modern bathroom interior   Every year, new trends emerge for home renovations. As 2015 is fast-approaching, you may want to consider some of these new bathroom trends for your home.

    Greys are already a popular color in bathroom design, but as people start renovating for the new year, designers are finding that this color is rising above the rest. Additionally, white shades are quickly dying out among new bathrooms as the darker greys come in. Sleek blacks and greys add a more contemporary feel to a bathroom.

    Legged sinks are now becoming more common again. While they reduce storage space in the bathroom, they make the space feel open, while the curvatures of the legs add a more artistic, creative, and clean feel to the room. If storage space is not an issue, these little half-table sinks are sure to add definition to your bathroom. Bowl sinks are also dying out, being replaced with a more shallow square or oval design.

Granite countertops are no longer the must have for your bathroom, as quartz rises in popularity once again. Quartz is reasonably priced, more durable than granite, and requires less maintenance.

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