bathroomThe newest trends for bathrooms consist of sleek looks, smooth designs, low maintenance, and spa-like relaxation. Tubs with shower heads are becoming a thing of the past. Tubs and showers are generally separated in a newer bathroom. Simple lines and curves are becoming more prevalent, as are gray shades. Open spaces and mounted fixtures are becoming very common. Granite is falling from the top pick for countertops, with quartz taking it’s place.

    Upgrading or replacing older fixtures in a bathroom with more modern, more efficient models is very easy today; with an increase in regulations that ensure that you get the most economical design. Universal designs are coming into the modern home, allowing for easy use and mobility; through additions such as handrails, non-slip floors, higher toilets, and curbless showers. Handrails are now made to fit any bathroom design, and come in wood, metal, or acrylic colors. Curbless showers help create a smooth, sleek flow in the room, as well as add safety, because there is less of a chance to trip.

The new trend for the bathroom floor is the use of bigger tiles. The larger the tiles, the less grout there is to clean. Homeowners are choosing stand-alone tubs that are sleek and curved over the more rectangular models that attach to the wall. Traditional clawfoot bathtubs are on the rise. Some freestanding tubs are now equipped with hydrotherapy and whirlpool jets. Vessel sinks are quickly gaining preference over undermount sinks.

    The color schemes that are becoming more common are full of neutral colors, such as grays and tans. Beige and bone color designs are also rising in popularity. Quartz has been climbing above granite for the preferred countertop material. Unlike granite, quartz does not need to be resealed. Quartz cost roughly $100 less per square foot, and can resist chips, stains, and cracks better than granite.

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