Bath accessories on shelfs in bathroomBathroom clutter can be a hassle. Some bathrooms may not even have any storage space. When redoing your bathroom, or just redecorating, storage can play a big role in the final look of the space. Whether it is for toothbrushes, hair products, soaps, or towels, storage in even the smallest bathroom is necessary. Here are a few bathroom storage options.

    While you can’t go wrong with cabinets under a sink, adding a few stackable baskets can increase storage space and can keep your clutter organized. Additionally, pull-out racks under the sink can offer you the ability to keep organized while offering easy access. Consider adding shelves to your bathroom. Shelves can store toiletries out of the way, and can also allow you to store harmful cleaners out of the reach of children or pets. Glass containers can be used as both storage and decor, while holding useful items such as loofahs, soaps, or bath salts. If your bathroom is spacious, beautiful wardrobes can be a fantastic storage option with both class and a large amount of space. For extra functionality with a wardrobe, fixing a towel rack to the sides can free up areas on the walls for mirrors, shelves, paintings, or other decor. Add additional storage with door-hanging racks or hooks. A small bench by the shower or tub can provide a place to sit as you dry off, while built-in drawers give you space for extra shampoo, bath soap, or a child’s bath toys. Take a page out of the spa, with a recessed niche in the shower. Utilize the small space in front of the sink with a little drawer to hold a toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant.

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