Bathroom mirrors can make or break a bathroom space. Mirrors serve a lot of different functions in a bathroom, besides the obvious. Finding the right style and amount of mirrors can change the entire feeling of the room. Most bathrooms are designed with the mirror over the vanity, and for good reason. This is the most practical spot for it. But it also removes the need for them elsewhere. In most bathrooms, vanity is the only area that needs one. 
    Mirrors can alter the amount of lighting that a room needs. The mirrors can reflect light and spread it out in an effective way. If you plan on using wall mounted lights, do not put them opposite the mirror. Instead, consider having them installed around the mirror. This is better for illuminating the mirror while minimizing glare. 
    Mirrors create the illusion of a bigger room. The reflection of the room creates the feeling of openness or wide space in the mind. This, however, can also make a room feel cold and empty.  That being said, the mirroring should be proportionate to the room itself. Most small bathrooms or water closets should have a single mirror over the sink. A larger bathroom could afford to have more mirrors, but they should not overpower the room. Decide if you would like a frame on the mirror. Frameless designs are sleeker and make the space , but frames can add character or style to the space. Many vanities with built-in mirrors have framed designs.
    Mirrors should, in most cases, be placed on one wall of the bathroom only. Mirrors facing each other create a sense of unsteadiness in a room and can be disorienting. The effect is called sometimes called “Mise en abyme,” meaning ”placed into the abyss.” It alters the balance of the room and throws off the lighting schema. It creates the image of an endless tunnel, and can ruin the style of a room if done incorrectly. This mirror placement is rarely seen in homes, no matter what room it is.
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