Trendy bathroom 2016    The experts of Dream Kitchen and Baths will help you design the perfect bathroom with the latest trends. Bathroom trends for 2016 include soft pinks, colorful plants, metal fixtures and natural stone.

    Shades of pink are making their way back into modern bathrooms. Pinks in all shades provide a more feminine design. Hot pink brings a bright, flashy look to the bathroom, while softer taupe or a less strong ping provide a subtle feminine look. Floral wall patterns are coming back into the modern trends.

    Metal fixtures and cabinet knobs are definitely back. While brass was trendy this year, metal fixtures of all kinds are being used more and more in bathroom designs. Stainless steel, platinum, gold, and silver are the most popular for 2016. Natural stone is reappearing in bathroom design trends. While in recent years, porcelain and tile were the go-to materials around the bathroom, natural stone and marble tubs, countertops, and sinks are making a comeback. Natural stone creates a calming and luxurious feel to a bathroom, forming the perfect space for your end of the day relaxation.

    Green plants are being used increasingly in bathrooms. Plants that thrive in moisture and humidity excel in a bathroom environment. The top 5 used plants in new bathrooms include: Aloe vera, Azaleas, Spider plants, Chinese Evergreens, and Gardenias. Azaleas and Gardenias are best suited in bathrooms with plenty of natural light, whereas the other three live fine in some sun and shade.

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