interior beautiful bathroomThese days there are numerous options when choosing a new bathroom floor. Whether your decision is based on consistency, functionality, the temperature of the floor or overall ambiance, the answer is within the range of flooring materials from tile and vinyl to stone and glass.


If striving for consistency, your best option is tile. The plethora of size, color and design of tiles enables usage in flooring and walling without appearing homogeneous. The functionality of tilework allows the appearance of luxurious marble, contemporary stained concrete, or the more traditional ceramic. Importantly, it should be noted that many bathroom tiles are topped with a texture to prevent slipping.


Vinyl is a common option due to its low cost and practicality. Additionally vinyl offers safety, comfort and ease of maintenance. With vinyl available in a variety of looks it is easy to find the style suitable for your bathroom. A separate flooring which contains many qualities of vinyl is laminate. While hard-wearing and easy to clean, laminate is not as moisture-resistant.


Another popular choice is natural stone. Many times the decision of stone, whether marble granite, limestone, or slate, depends on cost. Natural stone is available in numerous colors and textures including cleft, tumbled, sandblasted, etched and flamed variations. An exotic marble flooring is able to reflect natural light as well as the light of soft, internal bulbs.


Prior to deciding on a specific flooring you want to consider the size of your bathroom. While all flooring can be trimmed and cut, smaller mosaic and pebble stone tiles are suitable for bathrooms with minimal dimensions. Mosaic tiles, available in materials such as aluminum, and mixtures of metal-glass and stone-glass, provide a modern and contemporary appearance while a slip-resistant pebble mesh tile enhances a rustic, alfresco ambiance.


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