Bold palettes are becoming more popular for bathroom designs. Crisp white palettes and neutral shades will always be common choices because they can easily fit into any design plan for your home, however, even all white bathrooms have brightly colored accents.


If bold wall colors aren’t for you, you can add colorful accents to your bathroom for a modern look. For example, you can use brightly colored towels, rugs, candles, and other accessories to brighten the space. These accessories are easy to change with the seasons and allow you to keep up with the times without any major changes.


If you want to go with bold wall colors, you can choose timeless colors so that they won’t go out of style. Pigments such as peach and rose are classic bathroom colors that never seem to go out of style. Also, spa-like colors are a popular choice, such as soothing blues, greens, and lavenders that promote relaxation.


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