The bathroom is a place of quiet peace and tranquility. Natural materials used in bathroom design create a feeling of being within nature. When remodelling your bathroom, consider using natural stone or wood in your design. Enjoy the tranquility of nature while unwinding from your day.
    Woodwork in a bathroom space is quite beautiful. Newer timber made for moist or wet areas of the home prevent the wood from warping and water damage. The natural flow of the grains and knots in the wood mimic the ebb and flow of water in a river. Wood in a bathroom often makes great wall panelling outside of the shower area, to create a beautiful room that feels modern; yet hints at subtle rustic quality.
Duckboarding is an excellent use of wood in your shower. Duckboards are wooden planks laid like a deck with small spaces in between. Sometimes used in this way in spas and saunas, the wood conceals the drain as water falls below. Duckboards feel softer and more natural to the feet and are more slip-resistant than tile or other common materials for tubs or showers. 
    Natural stone or river rock materials make excellent pieces for a bathroom. Stone adds a more neutral and earthy feeling to the room. Natural stone is good for bathroom countertops, sinks, and backsplashes. Mineral veins and sediment lines in the stone create a beautiful and unique focal point to the room.
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