Sleek White Kitchen

    White, as a neutral color, goes well in almost any modern kitchen; but what can you do in a white kitchen to add more color? There are many options to add a splash of color to a white kitchen, and still keep the cool, clean feeling that a white color brings to a kitchen.

    The first area of the kitchen where color can be added seamlessly without breaking up the white look is the backsplash. Using a mix of white and colored tiles, a beautiful and colorful backsplash can highlight the cooking area and add a flare of color into the space. Stained glass and mosaic tiles can be even more beauty and color to the space. Additionally, area between the counters and cabinets can be painted soft tones, such as green, that won’t detract from the neutrality of white while adding to the room.

    Flooring in a white kitchen is often white, but earth tone colored tiles keep the neutral feeling in the kitchen that white brings, while their darker shades won't attract attention to the floor. Darker colored floors reveal less dirt and grime as well, whereas a white floor requires cleaning more often to look presentable

    Adding colorful appliances, from a burgundy toaster or a yellow mixer, can add color at countertop level. Larger appliances are becoming more available in color again as they become more trendy. A darker dishwasher next to white cabinets adds contrast to the space.

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