Adding a new bathroom to your home can be great for a multitude of reasons. It is more convenient to have more than one bathroom in a house of two or more. It makes life easier when you have company. Your family morning routine is a much smoother process when siblings aren’t waiting for each other, and it increases the value of a home. Adding a new bathroom or powder room is made easier and more affordable if there is a place to put it in the home that is closer to existing plumbing.
    The first thing to consider for your new bathroom space is the size you want it to be. A larger bathroom can be more intrusive on the already established home, where a bathroom that is too small can feel too cramped. The average size for a powder room is 24 square feet, with a toilet and vanity. Larger powder rooms can go to be about 32 square feet, and they start to feel cramped with less than 18 square feet. The average size for a full bathroom is about 40 square feet, accommodating for a tub or shower, toilet, vanity, and some storage space. 
    Where can you find the space to add a new bathroom? On multi-level houses, installing a bathroom above or below an existing one can reduce plumbing costs and speed up the installment process. Walk-in closets are often a great space to convert to a powder room, provided that the loss in storage space is not an issue. 
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