Everyone loves to have a finished basement. A bathroom is the finishing touch that every basement needs, from a basement office, man-cave, den, family room, or even a rented-out apartment. For a renting space, a full bathroom is just one of many prerequisites. Having the extra shower or bathtub is great for a house with plenty of kids and/or busy mornings. When creating a new bathroom space in the basement, these are important things to consider.

Space is the first thing to consider. Before anything else, do you have the space for it? A small half-bath can be about as small as 18 square feet, but you can go a bit smaller. You don’t want the room to be too cramped. The minimum size for a full bath, for both comfort and zoning, is usually about 36 to 40 square feet. Many people create half baths under the staircase if the space is wide and tall enough.

Codes and regulations can make or break the new bathroom installation. After considering the space, it is important to see if creating a new basement bathroom is legal for your area or property. Some zoning laws restrict the number of bathrooms on a property, or if you can have a bathroom below ground.

Drainage is important for any bathroom. Aboveground bathrooms are assisted by gravity in order to keep the pipes clear. In a basement bathroom, you or may not have enough of a drop for it to be powerful enough. Pressure-assisted toilets or upflushing systems are just two options to remedy this. If you want to create a full bathroom, drainage for the tub or shower is important.

Lighting in a basement space can make the room feel more inviting. If you are planning on putting it on an exterior wall; consider installing a window if possible. A frosted glass window will help ensure privacy while adding natural light. Mirrors can help extend the reach of light in the room and make the room feel bigger in general.

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