Modern clean blue kitchen island from above (3D Rendering)Stainless steel and earth tones have been the main kitchen trend for years, as with every contemporary trend, there comes a time where it fades from the modern eye. Stainless steel and earth tones are going out of style, on their way to becoming vintage. And with any vintage design, it’s bound to have a revitalized period. As the sun sets on this design trend, the dawn of a revitalized era comes into play, the very 80’s trend of colors and bright hues. Revamped with the modern notion of sleek designs, going green, and today’s powerful technology; this returning trend is coming back with a bang. Whether it is displayed on your new dishwasher, cabinets, fridge, or stove; kitchen colors are shifting gears. While harvest gold, avocado, and robin’s egg blue may be gone forever, basic colors and variant shades of them are making a recovery in the modern kitchen.

The colorful design of a kitchen is making a comeback for various reasons. One is the powerful feelings that colors can evoke. Cool greens and blues can add a calming element to a kitchen, and make it seem less hot during the cooking process. Greens awaken feelings of nature, stability, and rest. Blues also bring about thoughts of intellect and health. Orange helps promote food and hunger. While reds and oranges are hot colors, they also conjure feelings of joy and passion. Bright yellows provoke more energy and happiness.

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