Many homeowners find that when they are unhappy with their bathroom space, part of the reason is that it feels too cramped. Especially on Staten Island, small bathroom spaces can be a problem, but it is important to consider a few different design techniques that can help your bathroom feel bigger.
    Monochromatic spaces are a very easy way to enhance the relative size of a space. White or neutral colored spaces that stay within a few shades of each other, for the most part, will make the room feel more open. 
Don’t let the door swing into the room. Bathroom doors that come into the room take up more space. Rather than utilizing a swinging door, try adding a pocket door or a sliding one. These unique features can make a room seem more spacious, while also adding additional resale value.
Don’t cut out the shower space. Glass shower doors extend the room by keeping the room more open. A glass shower door allows you to see all of the room when you walk in, and makes it seem bigger. Curbless showers reduce this level of division as well. If you decide to go with a shower curtain, hang it very close to the ceiling, and let it drape almost to the floor. This makes the curtain act more like a tapestry than a curtain, adding a visual element that draws your eye and adds height to the space.
    Get a bigger mirror. Mirrors make a space seem bigger by reflecting light and by creating an optical illusion of having more space. Mirrors also help make a room brighter with less lighting, which can be a big benefit. 
    Add more natural lighting, if possible. Natural lighting can be an important tool in making any space feel bigger, not just bathrooms. Skylights add natural lighting and ad ceiling depth while not compromising privacy. Frosted windows help add natural light and add a stylistic element, while also maintaining privacy.
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