This outdated kitchen, yet functional and bright, was due for a much needed makeover.  The renovations to this central living space not only improved functionality, look and feel, but also reflects the latest trends in kitchen remodeling.  Adding an island fulfills many roles in a kitchen.  It increases counter space which is useful on holidays and special family occasions.  It also allows for a flow of direction in an open floor plan.  Lastly, it can serve as an added eating space alternative to a dining room.  Earthy tones, such as greens, greys, blues and browns give your home a warm feel that is comforting.  These cherry wood cabinets change the entire look of the kitchen and provide storage space that is purposeful and beautiful.  The gorgeous granite countertops tie in with the warm feel and give the homeowner a durable preparation space that is easy to clean.  Lastly, changing from linoleum flooring to hardwood floors effortlessly transforms this room into a contemporary look.  It provides a firm, long-lasting finish that has easy maintenance and an attractive, inviting impression. 

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