Black bathroom interior with a tub a shower a shelf and a closet. Marble floor modern design.

The changing world of bathroom design is making a big splash in 2019 with all new trends for your home bathroom. Interior designers and home improvement specialists are always looking for ways to improve their work, and these new trends of 2019 will do just that.

A very popular new way to improve your small bathroom is to add high contrast wallpaper along with small artistic pieces to compliment it. This will turn your small bathroom space into an artistic display.

Another growing trend that has been extremely popular with modern homes and businesses is the solid black design. A solid black and shiny design comes off as luxurious and high class to any eye, and can help give your home or your business the look that you are trying to accomplish.

Exposed pipes and gunmetal faucets? These sound out of the ordinary, but if accomplished in the manner they are meant to be done, they can be pleasing to the eye. The industrial look is something that is growing in popularity as we get into 2019, and it goes along great with a modern bathroom look.

Imagine your bedroom and bathroom being connected through a wide open doorway, this can not only be convenient while running around the house getting ready for work but it also could be very aesthetically pleasing, making the room seem far bigger than it actually is.

Last but not least many people using concrete of marble walls in their bathrooms as opposed to just on the counter tops. This changes up the common use of the stone and creates a more appealing and different design that has become increasingly popular.

2019 has a lot to offer when it comes to bathroom trends and the world of bathroom design is always evolving. Be sure to keep up to date on our latest news in order to stay with the current trends in bathroom and kitchen design.

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