Right around the time Kennedy was elected, this bathroom was a prime example of contemporary style.  Vibrant tiling such as robin's egg blue, powder pink and Easter yellow were the most popular colors of the 50's and 60's before giving way to the reign of buckwheat beige, avocado green and harvest gold as commonly seen in the 1970's.  In this renovation, we striped the bathroom of it's mid 20th century garb and revitalized it with a soft, yet contemporary style.  The rich cherry wood cabinetry and tame granite counter tops adds warmth and timelessness to this new renovation.  To make things easier with everyday living, tile reaches from floor to ceiling to avoid mold buildup and warping of what would be wallpaper.  In addition to this major change, there is also no lip around the sink and the windowsill has been removed to eliminate an unnecessary haven for dust, mold and water damage.  While the bathroom has been simplified to decrease cleaning maintenance, its overall style is rich yet tasteful.  

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