Interior design: Modern big kitchenDo you only have one sink in your kitchen? Sinks are an essential part of any kitchen, but having only one sink can be an issue. When dishes stack up, produce needs to be cleaned, or pots need to be filled, a single sink can be overused. Adding these innovations to your kitchen can reduce your reliance on your single kitchen sink.

Four additions to your kitchen you may want to consider are double sinks, bar sinks, High-style faucets, and pot fillers. They can make cooking and cleaning in your home easier. Double sinks are two separate sink basins, for one faucet. They can be different sizes, or the same. Having a double sink can increase the amount of sink space in your home, while keeping dirty dishes and food prep separate. Bar sinks are tiny, built-in sinks, mostly used for drinking water, washing vegetables, or small cleaning jobs. Putting one into an island can make prep work more efficient. They are also very helpful in large kitchens, so you don’t have to walk all the way around for a sink. High-style faucets let you fill up the sink, and still have room to fill a glass or wash dishes. Pot fillers are cold water faucets that are separate from the sink. This can make it easier to fill a pot for cooking.

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