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5 Reasons a Kitchen Remodel Might go Over Budget

While not always common, it isn’t unheard of that a kitchen remodel will go over budget. There are a number of reasons why a kitchen redesign goes over the expected budget. The best way to avoid going over is to is to see it as a cap, rather than a goal. Here, we will break down the 5 most common reasons a homeowner goes over budget, and how to avoid that mistake.

Splurging on Your Kitchen

    The main reason why a person might go over budget is because they opt for appliances or amenities that are over their reach. Figure out how much you plan on spending for the flooring, sink, refrigerator, etc. When shopping for each aspect of the kitchen, keep the overall budget in mind; as well as the price you expect to pay. Ty to choose something you like within that limit. It can be easy to go for the fancy, internet linked fridge, but there are many fantastic models without such functions at a better price.

Unexpected Prices

    Sometimes, even with the proper planning, costs can spring up on you. Shipping costs, sales tax, and more can be an unexpected surprise. Shooting under your budget can help give you a safety net to help you stay within your budget.

Changing Direction

    Another reason a renovation may go over the budget is altering the original design plan. Some people may decide in the middle of a renovation to change the color scheme, cabinet style, or replace parts of the kitchen that they were originally keeping. This can put a damper on a budget. The best way to avoid this is to do research and look out for the design that you know you’ll love for years. Being set on how your kitchen should be after the remodel will help you keep from straying from the original plan; which will no doubt cost more. 

Unexpected Construction Issues

    Construction issues can be a big burden on a kitchen remodel. Water damage, termites, or simply working around load-bearing beams lead to added costs or remodelling time. It is important to allocate some of your budget to be ready for some of these issues. Additionally, you should be prepared for additional remodelling time if complications are found during the remodelling process. Building codes and HOA rules may also affect remodels. Be sure to check with your HOA to see if there may be any issues with performing a remodel. Your remodelling service provider should help you with building codes and any associated paperwork.

Poor Service

    Remodels can go over budget if the remodel goes over the anticipated time, or if your contractor’s service is not efficient. It is a good idea to communicate with the managing contractor, to make sure that you are on schedule. You should hire a licenced contractor that you can trust. 

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The Bathtub: The Major Focal Point of Your Bathroom


The bathtub is the major focal point of just about any bathroom. As time goes on, the bathtub has become more than just a tool used to clean oneself. We use it as a method of relaxation, to soak, to clean ourselves or our children, or even as a romantic indulgence. The first step in designing your dream bathroom should be choosing the correct bathtub to suit your every need.
Nothing shouts the important elegance of the classic clawfoot tub. This design has been one of the most popular designs for many years. It is a free standing tub with 4 feet at the base resembling claws. Their vintage design is a great way to accent your bathroom if you are going for a classical design.
Jetted tubs bring a more sleek and modern design to your bathroom. These tubs have massaging jets that will bring the relaxation of a trip to the spa right into the comfort of your own home. Most also offer a jacuzzi option which makes these tubs even more enjoyable to almost anyone. Jetted tubs are growing in popularity and are a great accent to a more modern bathroom design.
With a look of elegance a freestanding tub will bring an accent of luxury to your bathroom. A lot like the claw footed tub it is free standing except it is not raised off the ground with legs. They normally have a sleek, curvy, and almost flowing design that will give a very luxurious accent to any bathroom. 
Soaking tubs are a very common choice in modern bathroom renovation. With a very basic yet aesthetically pleasing design they are one of the most popular choices in today's day and age. They offer a deep design so you can fully submerge yourself and they have a comfortable interior designed just for you.
Choosing the correct bathtub for your bathroom is a very important factor in bathroom design. The trends in bathroom design are ever changing as people come up with more creative ideas to make your bathroom pop. One way people have been improving their bathrooms is by putting their tubs on an elevated platform. This adds a more modern and classy design to any bathroom and showcases the major focal point of any bathroom, the bathtub.
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Upgrading Pre-Existing Cabinets to Save Money

    Not all homeowners have new cabinets designed for every kitchen renovation. There are a number of ways to upgrade your already existing cabinets. Upgrading cabinets in this manner can save you money for the renovation. Cutting costs this way can allow you to use those funds for the rest of your remodel.


    Paint colors can revitalize your old cabinets and can drastically change the way the room looks without breaking the bank. 

Remove the Doors

    Taking off the doors from your cabinets can add depth to the space. When the doors are removed, cabinets can look surprisingly different.

Changing the Doors

    If you are not changing the cabinets, you may want to consider creating or buying new doors for the cabinets. Altering just the doors can cost a lot less than reconstructing the entire cabinetry.

Add Molding

    Consider adding molding to where your cabinets reach the ceiling. This can bring strong visual elements to your kitchen space, without adding much to the final costs. Alternatively, if there are no doors on the cabinets, consider adding a molding to the inside of the cabinet. This will add a strong visual break while keeping the same level of depth to the cabinets.

Add Undermount Lights

    Lights built into the cabinetry can be a great help in the kitchen. By adding them to your pre-existing cabinets, they will seem less refurbished, and more modern. Undermount lighting for cabinets can be inexpensive and incredibly helpful while cooking or doing prep work.

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Hex Tile Designs in the Bathroom

Hexagonal tiles are a classic design often seen in Victorian era home. Whether you decide to use smaller or larger tiles in your bathroom, hex tiles can be used in unique and exciting ways. Hex tiles add unique and trendy style to your bathroom for a timeless design. Classic features don’t have to be all the same. Here we will discuss a few different ways to use hex tiles to create stunning bathroom looks.

Black and White

As with subway tiles, you can utilize black and white hex tiles to make visually clean and simple designs that still add depth to the space. This design choice lends itself well to bathroom walls and floors alike. It can also be easy to make visually stunning patterns out of black and white tiles.

Mosaic Designs

    Some homeowners are using the unique shape and variety of available colors of hexagonal tiles to create beautiful visuals. You can use hexagonal tiles to transform a bathroom space into a work of art. From stunning floral designs to playful aquatic scenes, using a variety of colored tiles can take your tile work to the next level.

Larger Tiles

    While most homeowners use hexagonal tiles in the standard 1-inch size, these tiles often come in larger sizes as well. The use of lager tiles can be a benefit to your bathroom space. With larger tiles, there will be less grout lines. Reducing the amount of grout lines helps reduce the amount of surface area where dirt and grime can build up. Larger tiles allow some patterns to be more distinct and eye-catching, while still lending the unique visual style of the hex-shape.

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Spring Kitchen Trends


    Now that Spring is in full swing, it’s important that your kitchen is in-season as well. Considering it isn’t necessarily practical to remodel tour entire kitchen for a new season, we have provided the best ways to make your kitchen feel trendier. 

Mixing metals

Decorating with an assortment of copper, brass and stainless metals can give your kitchen more of a rustic feel. There are many small ways to incorporate these metals into your kitchen without a full remodel. You can easily achieve this look by replacing decorative plates, cabinet knobs, curtain rods, hooks, and light fixtures. 

Bold colors

Yellow, bright green, pink, and lavender are on-trend for this season. The best way to incorporate these colors into your kitchen would be to pick a color scheme, and match the rest of your decor to fit it. 


This stone has been popular for a while, and still trending. Carrara Marble is  also huge right now, and more affordable. If you’re not ready for a new countertop or backsplash, you can still include the stone into your kitchen with a side table, plant stand, or even trinkets to decorate with.

Floral artwork

A popular trend this spring is framed botanicals. Designers are framing dried plants and flowers, and putting them in shadow boxes. This is a great way to incorporate spring into your kitchen, or anywhere else in your home.

    Choose from any of these luxurious designs to make your kitchen trendier at Dream Kitchen & Bath. To discuss bathroom or kitchen remodeling options that would be best for your home please contact us at (718) 273-6233 or visit our showroom at 711 Port Richmond Ave., Staten Island, NY 10302.

Creating a Glorious Bathroom Spa

Ideally, we like to think of our showers and baths as a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy a calming experience. We want our customers to view their bathrooms as a relaxing retreat, especially after a long day of work. Continue reading to learn how to transform your bathroom into your own personal spa-area.  
     Soothing Colors- Lavender, pale gray, cool blue, and light pink are just a few of the top rated soothing colors that have proven to be calming. Paint your walls light, cooling tones and accessorize appliances with white and gold. This will allow your bathroom to be a light, calming room.  

     Natural Granite- Granite in any room can always make the area look more clean and modern. Consider a simple granite shower seat for your next bathroom remodel. 
     Glass Doors- Glass sliding shower and bath doors have the ability to make any bathroom look more chic and serene. They are also extremely easy to clean and maintain. 
     Houseplants- Not only do plants look great in a bathroom, but they can actually make your bathroom feel warmer, too. Plants are a natural way to add color and style to the space.
     Bamboo Rug- Bamboo flooring is not always suitable for a bathroom, as untreated bamboo retains moisture. A bamboo rug gives your bathroom a spa ambiance with an alternative style.

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Using Dark Cabinets in a Small Kitchen

    Traditionally, darker colors like black or chocolate brown should be avoided in smaller kitchens; because they make the space feel smaller. But by designing around this fact, you can get the color you want without making the room feel cramped. Designing a smaller kitchen with dark cabinetry give you a unique and stunning space; if done correctly.

Natural Lighting

    The easiest way to make a space feel bigger is natural lighting. Windows, skylights, and solar tubes can help enhance the brightness of the space, cut down on electricity costs, and make the room feel more open. Skylights and solar tubes are often very helpful in small kitchens because they d not take up much needed cabinet space.

Glass Doors on Cabinets

    Glass doors in the cabinetry adds depth and makes the room feel a bit more spacious. While glass cabinet doors are often used with lighter colors, they can still have the same effect. Glass doors give you an added visual length to the room of about a foot of distance. If you do not like having the contents of your cabinets on display, consider frosted or etched glass. This will add designs to the space, while still adding some depth; and keeping things lighter. 

Open Shelving

    Open shelving takes the concept of glass cabinet doors a step further, by clearing out some extra space and opening up the area. By pairing dark-colored open shelves with a lighter backsplash, you can create visual transitions that separate the space.  You do not need to have only open shelves or only cabinets. By interspersing the two, you can still have the storage space you need, while keeping the room open.

Add Contrast

    White and black go together well for a reason. Offset the dark cabinetry with a lighter backsplash and countertops. This will add contrast and depth to the kitchen. Lighter areas will also reflect more light, making the space seem brighter.

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Keeping Your Bathroom Up-to-Date

    Just like everything else, bathroom decor trends come and go. A light decoration revamp might be necessary every now and then. Freshening up your bathroom doesn’t have to be an expensive task! We have provided a few of the most highlighted trends to help keep your bathroom trendy, and up to date. 

     Matte Black- Last year was all about the chrome and brass decor, but now the new fixture trend is matte black. Dark fixtures give off a modern ambiance, and are typically easier to clean. 
     Busy Wallpaper- Abstract wallpaper is sure to grab attention, while adding a unique quality. 
     Statement Basins- Designers are making a statement using vessel-styled vanity basins. Basins run in all different shapes and sizes, so you can easily find the perfect one to spice up your bathroom. 
     Blue Color Schemes- If your bathroom is already designed in a neutral color scheme, you can give it a pop of color by adding vibrant blue decor. Switch out some accessories such as shower curtains, bath mats,towels, and rugs. Blue is a calming color that will add a nice touch to your room. 

    Choose from any of these luxurious designs to keep your bathroom trendy at Dream Kitchen & Bath. To discuss bathroom or kitchen remodeling options that would be best for your home please contact us at (718) 273-6233 or visit our showroom at 711 Port Richmond Ave., Staten Island, NY 10302.

High-Tech Appliances for Your Dream Kitchen

    The kitchen of the future is here! Not only is technology influencing what we’re making, it’s also influencing how and where we make it. These advancements in technology are affecting our everyday lives, and considering the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s no surprise that smart- kitchens are making their debut. Here are some of the top- rated high tech kitchen appliances we’ve seen so far:

  • LG InstaView ThinQ– With Amazon’s Alexa built into it, this smart fridge is able to read out recipes and enables you to add items onto your grocery list . The fridge has a built in 29 inch screen on the front. 
  • Smarter WiFi Coffee Machine– This coffee machine can be remotely activated to your smartphone, send you notifications when your coffee is ready, and even detect when you’ve returned home to ask if you want a fresh cup. In addition, this coffee maker also provides a built- in grinder. 
  • Samsung Slide-In Induction Chef Collection Range Oven– This oven provides virtual LED flames onto your pot, so you’ll always know when the burner is on. The oven also provides a “Flex-Duo Oven,” which means you can cook two separate dishes at completely different temperatures. 

Designing a Pet-Friendly Bathroom

Having a pet around the house, can be great; but there are always precautions to take to keep your furry friends safe. When renovating your bathroom, you might want to take your pets into consideration. You may not want all of these features, but they are good to consider. Many of them will be a benefit to you, as well as your pet.

Pet Friendly Showers

    Showers that make it easier to give your pet a wash can be very helpful, and very modern. A curbless shower reduces the risk of tripping; for both you and your pet. This type of shower is safer, because it reduces the risk of falls when you take your everyday shower; while also making it easier when it is bath time for your pet.
    Non-slip surfaces in the shower will help you be safer in the shower, while helping your pet feel less nervous at bath time. Pets that don’t like baths are often afraid of getting hurt on the sleek floor.
    Detachable shower heads help you get all the hard to reach places; but they also make cleaning your cat or dog easier. A detachable shower head gives you greater control when getting the last of the suds, or avoiding water in their ears.

Tile Floors

    Tile floors are the best choice for a pet-friendly bathroom. Tile is durable, easy to clean, and waterproof. It makes it easier for you to clean up after your dog shakes off his wet fur to dry off. Tile is also available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and designs; so you can find ones that fit your style.

Toilet Lids

    Not every homeowner opts for a toilet seat lid. But if you have a pet, it can be helpful in a number of ways. Toilet seat lids can be used to sit more comfortably when washing your pet in the tub. But they can also be used to protect your pet. We all know the common trope of a dog drinking out of the toilet. But this can make them extremely sick, or even poisoned; when you use toilet cleaners. For smaller, more agile pets, like cats, an uncovered toilet can be a potential drowning hazard. Cats can sometimes fall into the toilet, where the cupped edge and funnel-like interior can be difficult to escape from.

Locking Cabinets

Locking cabinets can keep your children, and your furry friends, out of your beauty products, cleaning chemicals, and medicines that they can otherwise access. If your pet gets into those items, they can easily make a mess of them, or get sick. Protect your children, pets, and your products from each other with locking cabinets.

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